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The "drag" mark was created by a much smaller animal.  The heel-mark imprint belongs to someone with about a size 15 foot given that the paper in the photo is 8 1/2 x 11 for comparison.  The tracks where the "drag" appears are all much smaller... perhaps 3 to 4 inches and multiple animals.

Hi, All!
    Hmmm... It kind of sounds as though the animal which made these tracks might have been uncomfortably out-of-kilter in this soft mud with a firm crust over it, and been stumbling and flailing - which would explain both the heel-mark (metatarsal) in the photo _and_ the curved tail marks. Not a "drag" - more of a "slap".
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The tail-drag imprint was very faint and if the volunteer at the site hadn't pointed it out I would have missed it.  I did take a picture but looking at it now, I can't pick out where the drag is.  Once again, relying on memory, I remember these as being slightly sickle shaped... one bent to the left, the other to the right as if the tail were in motion assisting the animals balance rather than a straight drag that might infer prey being dragged (as suggested as a possibility elsewhere).