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Primitive Dinosaurian Characters

Hi there!
Can anyone please give me references for any papers who listed characters in support of the following things?:
--> Inclusion or exclusion of _Marasuchus_, _Eoraptor_, _Herrerasaurus_, and _Staurikosaurus_ in Theropoda, in Saurischia, and in Dinosauria (or in anything else within Dinosauria)
--> Inclusion and exclusion of _Pisanosaurus_ and _Lesothosaurus_ in Ornithischia and in Dinosauria
--> Monophyleticism (is that a word?) of Phytodinosauria (Sauropodomorpha and Ornithischia) and of Saurischia (Sauropodomorpha and Theropoda)
Thank you very much in advance.