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Protoceratops Gender

In Tracy Ford's "How to Draw Dinosaurs" column in issue # 30 of _Prehistoric Times_ (the fifth anniversary issue), he talks about protoceratop(s)ians.  He describes the two genders of _Protoceratops_ that have been found: males, with "a small bump on the nasals...and large wide frill", and females, with "no bump and a smaller frill".
My question is this: while it does seem very likely that these two morphs represent the two genders of _Protoceratops_, do we actually KNOW which one is which? (i.e. Could the small-bump-and-large-wide-frill specimens actually be the females?)  Has anyone looked into chevrons at the base of the tail, or anything like that, to try to determine the gender, like people were doing for _Tyrannosaurus_?
Thanks.  Peace on earth,