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Re: Mesozoic Neornithes

> On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Grant Harding wrote:
> > Hiyo!
> >
> > Where in the world have neornitheans been found dating from the
Mesozoic, and what parts of the Mesozoic did they date from?

North America, Mongolia (don't bet too much on that), Uzbekistan
(questionable), Chile (a bit less questionable), Antarctica. End-Cretaceous.

> > Also, have neornitheans been found on all continents for all periods
following the close of the Mesozoic?


> [cladogram]
> The genera and species are Mesozoic (although i think some may straddle
> the border), as is the unnamed ?psittaciform. Some of this info is
> probably outdated.

Several have straddled the border to the Paleocene, such as *Volgavis* (ref:
HP Mickey Mortimer's post on The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia),
*Graculavus*, *Scaniornis*, AFAIK *Laornis*, *Tytthostonyx* and
*Gallornis* is EK but so fragmentary that it must be regarded as a nomen
dubium and should be referred to Ornithothoraces inc. sed. or suchlike,
according to Feduccia (his 1996 book). The same book refers *Lonchodytes*,
*Palintropus* and *Torotix* (nomen dubium) to Cimolopterygidae (no idea why
or why not), mentions some unnamed graculavids from LK Mongolia, a
presbyornithid from Montana and one from Vega Island (Antarctica). No idea
whether the graculavids from Mongolia are the same as the badly preserved
possible cormorant-relative from LK Mongolia that something else (forgot
what) mentions...
Additionally to *Neogaeornis* and an unnamed one from Uzbekistan, which are
often referred to Gaviiformes but might turn out to be hesperornithiforms,
there is Chatterjee's *Polarornis* from Antarctica (Seymour Island, IIRC).
This is unquestionably a gaviiform (more in a §&%$% forthcoming Details On
*Protoavis* segment...)
Never read of *Dakotornis* -- where and when is this from?