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RE: maxillary fenestration (was \"magical\" feathers)

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\uc1\pard\plain\deftab360 \f0\fs20\cf0 Dear all,\par
IIRC, talking about losing fenestration ( not the same though ), *Trilophosaurus* is said to have lost one of its temporal fenestration and is still considered archosauromorph.\par
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Subject: maxillary fenestration (was "magical" feathers)\par
Dear All,\par
      I think Philidor makes an important point that has not been answered \par
(AFAIK).  So I'll rephrase what I believe to be the major thrust of that \par
       What coelurosaurs are known to have had maxillary fenestration, and \par
is there a good chance that Erlikosaurus and Chirostenotes didn't have such \par
fenestration in their ancestry?\par
     Could this be a red flag that we need to look closer at the assumptions \par
that have resulted in the conclusion that they "lost" maxillary fenestration \par
from ancestors that "possessed" this character?\par
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