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RE: Heilmann and furculas

And then, I would like to know if these "clavicles" from Oviraptor and the
theropod Camp found (it would also be nice to know what theropod this was)
were real furculas or just usual clavicles. I believe clavicles are
primitive character of Tetanurans.

Actually, Tykowski's disseration on Syntarsus describes the presence of a
furcula in that form, and probable Coelophysis furculae have been identified
by Downs. This, combined with the fact that the Carnotaurus clavicle
element is damaged and the symphsis is not accessible strongly supports the
idea that furculae, rather than unpaired clavicles, are the basal condition
for Neotheropoda (ceratosaurs plus tetanurines).

Just to add (and maybe to strengthen) to Tom's argument: My own observations in Segisaurus (the theropod described by Camp) have convinced me that the clavicle in this taxon is actually also a true furcula. The element has the same position as in other theropods, with its distal extremety connected to the acromion process of the scapula. It is broken near the midline, but the middle part with the flexure towards the other half is still preserved, showing that most probably only one, not two elements were present.

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