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Re: Mesozoic Neornithes

> >>
> North America, Mongolia (don't bet too much on that), Uzbekistan
> (questionable), Chile (a bit less questionable), _Antarctica_.<<
> (emphasis my own)
> That's Chatterjee's loon, right?  Has that been validated?

Right, *Polarornis* (forgot the specific name, if it already has one). I
haven't seen anyone except Chatterjee ever mention it, IIRC; however, the
skull is beautifully preserved and toothless, and the cnemial crest shows it
is neither a hesperornithiform nor a grebe, but a loon.
        Finding a loon in the Southern Hemisphere (all other known ones
except the comparatively doubtful *Neogaeornis* are from the north) isn't as
odd as it may seem, if the phylogenetic hypotheses that put them close to
penguins are right. Finding one in the Cretaceous, however, is odd.
        Chatterjee speculates that in the LK northern seas were home to
hesperornithiforms and southern ones to loons.