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Re: Mesozoic Neornithes

The current theories point to a Southern group including penguins,
albatrosses, loons and frigatebirds.

Joao S Lopes
Rio de Janeiro
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> > >>
> > North America, Mongolia (don't bet too much on that), Uzbekistan
> > (questionable), Chile (a bit less questionable), _Antarctica_.<<
> > (emphasis my own)
> > That's Chatterjee's loon, right?  Has that been validated?
> Right, *Polarornis* (forgot the specific name, if it already has one). I
> haven't seen anyone except Chatterjee ever mention it, IIRC; however, the
> skull is beautifully preserved and toothless, and the cnemial crest shows
> is neither a hesperornithiform nor a grebe, but a loon.
>         Finding a loon in the Southern Hemisphere (all other known ones
> except the comparatively doubtful *Neogaeornis* are from the north) isn't
> odd as it may seem, if the phylogenetic hypotheses that put them close to
> penguins are right. Finding one in the Cretaceous, however, is odd.
>         Chatterjee speculates that in the LK northern seas were home to
> hesperornithiforms and southern ones to loons.