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Mesozoic Vertebrate Life

 My colleagues,
 I was stunned and greatly disappointed to see George Olshevsky's posting on the Mesozoic Vertebrate Life book today (his "Dinosaur Genera List corrections #165"). This posting, telling all about the book and its intentions was done without my knowledge or permission. He should have waited one week, when the book release was to be made official. As George's email states, the book is indeed intended as a surprise for Philip Currie. But now, due to the DML posting, the surprise is potentially lost. As senior editor on this book, I beg of you all, to please refrain from discussing it amongst yourselves on this list, or especially in your day to day activities. Please do this for one week, in consideration of all those who have worked so hard and contributed to the book for its original intention as a total surprise. Philip is currently in civilization (I won't say where) but soon will return to fieldwork. We utilize some Dinosaur Mailing List participants, their friends and other dinosaur fans on these digs, so the chance of Phil accidently finding out about it through one of them is VERY REAL.
  7 years of planning, writing, fund-raising, editing, 45 authors, 11 artists, 2 publishers and many many others have all worked hard together to keep this a surprise and now all is potentially ruined by this afternoons posting. I am frantically trying to repair the damages done and ask for your kind consideration and cooperation.
Darren Tanke
Senior Editor, Mesozoic Vertebrate Life