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RE: WHAT are segnosaurs?

How can therizinosaurs "start as stem tetanurines, then grade into basal
coelurosaurs or bullatosaurs"?  Coelurosauria is not a level of advancement
or similarity, it's a phylogenetic group.  Therizinosaurs cannot start as
non-coelurosaurs and grade into coelurosaurs unless they are the
paraphyletic grade that forms the backbone of the tetanurine tree (which is
In any case, several studies have already compared therizinosaurs with
non-coelurosaurs.  For instance, both Holtz (2000) and Rauhut (2000) have
therizinosaurs along with basal coelurosaurs, carnosaurs, ceratosaurs,
herrerasaurids, etc..  It's been done and they still clade with
oviraptorosaurs.  Incidentally, Xu et al. (1999) has Beipiaosaurus,
Alxasaurus and Therizinosauridae as separate OTU's, as I'm doing with the
prosauropod experiment.<<

Thank you. I look forward to the results. What if Prosauropods where
primitive theropods (as a few of them were thought of by Huene and I think
it wasn't all do to the missinterpeted rauischid teeth) and not related to
sauropods at all? (Which I think anyway).


Mickey Mortimer