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RE: maxillary fenestration & WHAT are "segnosaurs"?

Tracy Ford (dino.hunter@home.com) wrote:
<Que? What skull of Beipiaosaurus? I know of only the jaw.>

  When I say "skull" I refer to both the neurocranium,
splanchocranium, palate, and lower jaw. I use "head" when I'm
being general, "cranium" for every that's not the lower jaw,
"braincase" for the neurocranium as well, etc. Hope this helps.

<Could any of these have evloved from a more primitive
prosauropod? I don't have the time or expertese to go through

  When I wrote that to David Marjanovic and the list back in
October, I sat down with my "prosauropods" and compared
primarily to *Plateosaurus*, *Lufengosaurus*, *Massospondylus*,
and *Thecodontosaurus*. Sending it out tonight, I looked at
*Ammosaurus* and *Melanorosaurus*, and see virtually no
similarity. This list is quite comprehensive. I have looked at
*Guaibasaurus* myself, though do not have *Saturnalia* to
compare, and that thing's a theropod if there ever was one
roundabout Herrerasauridae or between them and coelophysoids.
Possibly the most basal neotheropod.

Jaime A. Headden

  Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

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