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Re:"carnivorous" prosauropods

    Well, I have to agree that, even amateur paleontologists and non-sepcialists like many of us, are very curious about an explanation for those teeth...
    In my oppinion, I guess that even the "pencil"-like teeth of the sauropods that came after, are not that close (at least in my impression) to the carnivore dinosaurs teeth...
    Very interesting pictures, and mostly by being ofa prosauropod.
    By the way, if these teeth are really of meat-eating origin, what could change about the dinosaurs classification (if that is possible)?
        Marcel Bertolucci
"Dinosaurs are the most interesting and amazing mystery of nature!"
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Subject: Re:"carnivorous" prosauropods

Randall Irmis very kindly provided me with the url I seemed to have lost:
_these_ are the teeth I was referring to(if someone's ever been interested...)