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Re: Details on Chuandongocoelurus

Compared to Ceratosaurus and Carnotaurus, Elaphrosaurus and Chuandongocoelurus share the following synapomorphies- [...]
Based on other evidence, Ligabueino, Masiakasaurus, Noasaurus, Velocisaurus and probably Elaphrosaurus form a monophyletic group, perhaps best termed the Noasauridae.  The lack of comparable material in many taxa makes their interrelationships difficult to establish, but characters shared by some include the hyperextendable second pedal digit of Ligabueino and Noasaurus,
Ligabueino also has this? Where was it described?
the tapered preacetabular process of Elaphrosaurus and Ligabueino, and especially the reduced lateral metatarsals of Masiakasaurus, Noasaurus and Velocisaurus (also seen to a lesser degree in the fourth of Elaphrosaurus).  [...]
In conclusion, Chuandongocoelurus is a neoceratosaur most closely related to Elaphrosaurus, although how closely related other noasaurids are to either of them is difficult to determine.  Perhaps Chuandongocoelurus and Elaphrosaurus should be classified as noasaurids, however I would like more work done on abelisauroid relationships before such taxonomic decisions are made.  The presence of early neoceratosaurs in Asia in not entirely unexpected, as Dandakosaurus and Lukousaurus may also be early representatives.
IIRC Dandakosaurus is from India (far away from China then)? And Lukousaurus... didn't someone think it was a crocodylomorph or something?
What to do next?
Gasosaurus? Maybe it is such a ceratosaur too?