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Re: Details on Chuandongocoelurus

David Marjanovic wrote-
Ligabueino also has this? Where was it described?
Although the ungual of Ligabueino is unknown, a phalanx strongly resembling II-2 of dromaeosaurs and troodontids is preserved with the holotype.  It has the characteristic elongate proximoventral heel indicative of hyperextendability.  It was described in-
Bonaparte, J. Formation, 1996. "Cretaceous Tetrapods of Argentina," Muenchner Geowissenschaftliche Abhandlungen 30A: 73-130 [April 1996].
IIRC Dandakosaurus is from India (far away from China then)? And Lukousaurus... didn't someone think it was a crocodylomorph or something?
Good point about the possibility of India being far away from China in the Triassic/Jurassic.  I don't know much about paleogeography though.  Lukousaurus has the possibility of being a crurotarsan or a theropod, as you can read here-
Gasosaurus? Maybe it is such a ceratosaur too?
New studies by Currie (pers. comm. to Holtz 1998, in Holtz 2000) indicate this is a carnosaur, perhaps a sinraptorid.
Mickey Mortimer