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Belly Ribs

I've been thinking about belly ribs (gastrulae, right?) lately.

Tyrannosaurs had them, as evidenced by Sue, in the Field Museum.  I've
seen reconstructions of various other predatory dinosaurs (Velociraptor,
Ornithomimus, etc.) and even birds (Archaeopteryx, Confuciusornis) that
have belly ribs.

I didn't think anything of these bones until I was showing some skeletal
reconstructions to a friend of mine who is a doctor (you know, one of
those people who studies _humans_, god knows why).  He was very weirded
out by the belly ribs.

My question is this: How wide-spread are belly ribs?  Modern birds don't
have them---when did they go away?  Do crocodiles have them?  What
groups of dinosaurs have them?