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Vorona's claw does it exist?

I was just looking at the web site of Mr. keesey for the various
phylogenetic opinions on Gasosaurus when I came across a curious thing:
Vorona was said to be a sickle clawed bird. I have been of the impression
that only Archaeopteryx and Rahonavis had these sickle claws and that the
trait was lost by the time of the enantiornithine radiation. Vorona was said
to be a typical enantiornithine there was no reason to believe otherwise. So
is this sickle claw merely an error of Mr. Keesey or some new material of
Vorona that has become available? I remeber that there was a south American
enantiornithine with raptorial claws (could some one give its name?)
descibed several years ago- but the was a convergent feature with quite
different structure from the claw of the dromeosaurs. Finally has evidence
for this claw ever turned up in oviraptorosaurus?
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