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Re: Vorona's claw does it exist?

I think Mr. Keesey made a mistake, there are no claws known for Vorona:
Holotype UA 8651 left dustal tibiotarsus and complete tarsometatarsus found
in articulation
Rferred specimen FMNH PA 715 asociated complete right tibiotarsus, fibula,
and femoral head.

I haven't heard of any additional material being found.

If I remember correctly, the raptorial enantiornithine was Boluochia zhengi
Zhou, 1995. from China (Liaoning).

Fred Ruhe

At 19:03 30-06-2001 -0000, you wrote:
>I was just looking at the web site of Mr. keesey for the various
>phylogenetic opinions on Gasosaurus when I came across a curious thing:
>Vorona was said to be a sickle clawed bird. I have been of the impression
>that only Archaeopteryx and Rahonavis had these sickle claws and that the
>trait was lost by the time of the enantiornithine radiation. Vorona was said
>to be a typical enantiornithine there was no reason to believe otherwise. So
>is this sickle claw merely an error of Mr. Keesey or some new material of
>Vorona that has become available? I remeber that there was a south American
>enantiornithine with raptorial claws (could some one give its name?)
>descibed several years ago- but the was a convergent feature with quite
>different structure from the claw of the dromeosaurs. Finally has evidence
>for this claw ever turned up in oviraptorosaurus?
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