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Re: Vorona and Sickle Claws

>   [?]     Confuciusornis sanctus [this taxon may have a
>           extensible claw, but the claw itself does not appear
>           to be "raptorial" or sickle-shaped]

In the specimen in the Natural History museum here, it does appear to be
enlarged and to a certain extent sickle-shaped, though much less than in
dromaeosaurs and *Rahonavis*. IIRC the description of *Changchengornis*
shows it too, and Sereno has mentioned it in his Science article on the
evolution of dinosaurs (1998? 1999?). To me (I can't look closely) the rest
of the toe doesn't seem very hyperextensible, however.

The one of *Vorona* is AFAIK only mentioned in The Dinosauricon, and IMHO it
may be the result of a confusion with a very early report of the yet-unnamed
*Rahonavis*. Well, I don't know.

The South American enantiornithean *Yungavolucris* has a tarsometatarsus*
with a distally thickened and medially diverging mt II. May this have borne
a sickle claw?

*AFAIK this is all what is known of *Yungavolucris*