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Re: Details on Chuandongocoelurus

Tim Williams wrote-

> >Gasosaurus?
> I'll second that.  How about _Gasosaurus_ and _Kaijiangosaurus_ - I'd like
> to know what the differences are (if any).
> I'd say basal coelurosaur.

Okay.  Dan Bensen requested that I cover Liaoxiornis first, so Gasosaurus
will be next.  Remember, anyone can request a Details segment.  I can't
guarantee I'll use your suggestion, as it has to be either a poorly known
taxon, or a recently discovered taxon (you'll never see Details on
Tyrannosaurus).  I know I asked this to you all before, but that was on my
old computer, so all requests were deleted along with the rest of my hard

Mickey Mortimer