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Re: Details on Chuandongocoelurus

David Marjanovic wrote-
>>> Ligabueino also has this? Where was it described?
>> It was described in-
Bonaparte, J. Formation, 1996. "Cretaceous Tetrapods of Argentina," Muenchner Geowissenschaftliche Abhandlungen 30A: 73-130 [April 1996].
> Thanks :-) Let's see if I can find this...
I'll send you a scan of the figure.  Anyone else want one? (reply offlist)
>>> IIRC Dandakosaurus is from India (far away from China then)? And Lukousaurus... didn't someone think it was a crocodylomorph or something?
>http://www.dinosauria.com/dml/dmlf.htm and http://dinosauricon.com/places/index.html might be a good start.
Good idea.  Seems as if India was a lot closer to Africa, Antarctica and Australia.  Still, you could always cross over Europe to get to China.
>Hah! Didn't I know it? Shortly after I first read of Sinraptoridae years ago, I thought it should include all so-called carnosaurs from MJ-LJ Asia, based on no evidence and a few opinions on websites... B-) What a coincidence!
Yes, but not all large Jurassic theropods from China were sinraptorids.  "Szechuanosaurus" zigongensis is probably more basal, as might be Xuanhanasaurus.
>Is Lukousaurus really Triassic?
No, it's from the Dark Red Beds of the Lower Lufeng Formation, making it Early Jurassic (Hettangian-Pliensbachian).
Mickey Mortimer