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Re: Vorona and Sickle Claws

  2) Oviraptorosauria contains strictly only animals closer to
*Oviraptor* than to birds, ornithomimosaurs, or therizinosaurs.

So I presume this definition of oviraptorosaurs does include the Caenagnathids. Was there not talk of some "Triebold Chirostenotes" that was really massive- is its pes know? This Chirostenotes could still make the ovis amidsts largest maniraptorans even if Therizis are not considered maniraptorans. But this obviously cannot be the largest beacuse we forget the looming presence of the great Deinocheirus- a Deinonychosaur or an ornithomimosaur. Deinocheirus does not look like a therizinosaur at all. What ever it was must have been very impressive.

indicate locomotion on soft, porous or fluvial substrate, as in
sand, mud, very wet and gooey or shifty substrates, etc. These
feet are not in any way predatory.

Interesting paleobiological thought: do you think it was a piscivore fishing with those long hand claws? Or was it sandcat analog hunting in the deserts. Does this inference of yours also hold good for the Caenagnathids?


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