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Re: Stegosarus Sex (Jokes)

At 5:53 PM +0000 3/1/01, Gavin Rymill wrote:
Right, I'm finally going to settle this debate.

My girlfriend is coming round tonight. I'm going to paint her green and
duck-tape steak knives to her and I'll contact the list in the morning if I

My Dear Mr. Rymill.
My TMI lights all just went on.

Does your "girlfriend" (An aside: how old are you, after the age of 18 referring to someone as a girlfriend of boyfriend seems somewhat immature - but that is just my perspective: 31-year olds do not have "girlfriends", teenie boppers do) know that you have these lurid plans for her?

Keep in mind that the necessity to woo doesn't disappear after the initial sortie.

There are a lot more males in the gene pool for the female to select from - some of whom do not wish to spray paint her green and tape steak knives to her body. And some that do. You could be replaced. You may find yourself on a treadmill that you can't escape from

You have been warned.

The video will be availble for 29.99 from all good specialist shops.

Your demise, as you charge without proper announcement of your intentions, and affirmation that such intentions are/are not welcome? There are no doubt some closet folk here with utterly drab lives just dying to see this.

Dr. Demento