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Re: Stegosarus Sex (Jokes) - definately PG-13

You know, Gav, even scientists reach a point where they feel that the most 
realistic simulation still won't work as well as they would like. This may be 
one of those times.

Try not to use duct tape - it hurts coming off. However, I have heard from 
people "in the know" that using celophane tape works almost as well and comes 
off easily when wet.

Next, for more realism, you might consider painting your girlfriend a more 
mottled green and brown pattern, reminiscent of the patterns an immature stego 
may have used to blend in with the background (after all, I am making the guess 
that she is not the same size as a mature stego).

The tail will be more problematic. A construct out of cardboard may be more 
comforatble for her, but would not be strong enough to resist you. Perhaps a 
better approach would be to use 1/4" to ½" plywood (lightweight, but still very 

Now, as for the environment, do you have lots of ferns and mosses around your 
house? If not, you may have to take your show on the road. I would suggest a 
nice, secluded evergreen forest.

After all is said and done, if your girlfriend doesn't kill you, propose on the 
spot - what a find! A spouse who not only allows you to perform these wacky 
experiments, but participates, too!

Brent : o

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Right, I'm finally going to settle this debate.

My girlfriend is coming round tonight. I'm going to paint her green and
duck-tape steak knives to her and I'll contact the list in the morning if I

The video will be availble for 29.99 from all good specialist shops.


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