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Re: Stegosarus Sex (Jokes)

Marilyn said:

> Does your "girlfriend" (An aside: how old are you, after the age of
> 18 referring to someone as a girlfriend of boyfriend seems somewhat
> immature - but that is just my perspective: 31-year olds do not have
> "girlfriends", teenie boppers do)

Must be a cultural difference. "Girlfriend" and "boyfriend" are the terms
used for your spouse in this country of England unless you are a) engaged b)
married c) posh (in which case you say "my partner").

I'm 21 by the way. If I were 31 or 41, we'd still say she's my "girlfriend"
in this country.

What is the generic term in the U.S. for your "girlfriend"/"boyfriend" if
you're speaking "maturely"?

> Keep in mind that the necessity to woo doesn't disappear after the
> initial sortie.

What? You don't think the green paint *IS* wooing?

In a desparate attempt to reign in this insanity before the DML falls appart
and I get kicked off it, may I pose this question:

Has anyone considered the similar problems that Ankylosaurids or Nodosaurids
would have mating?

They would appear to have all the related armour-getting-in-the-way problems
but with an added rigidity which would make it harder to just swing the tail
out of the way. Furthermore, all the acrobatic answers that have been put
forward don't seem to suit these animals. I don't have any references, but
would I be right in saying that the inference is that they never achieved a
bipedal stance? Their cenre of gravity appears to be right in the middle of
their torso. Having said that, so are elephants'.

Although less significant in the hind area, the hory armour doesn't seem to
make things easy for a mounting male.

ps. I'm off out to buy some plywood and implement Brent Jones' idea. I bow
to your superior knowledge on these matters, sir.


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