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Re: Stegosarus Sex (Jokes)

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>>> "Gavin Rymill" <gavin@gavinrymill.com> 03/01/01 01:55PM >>>
>Must be a cultural difference. "Girlfriend" and "boyfriend" are the terms
>used for your spouse in this country of England unless you are a) engaged
>b) married c) posh (in which case you say "my partner").

Hmm. Actually, I have heard of couples in the states using the phrase 
"girlfriend/boyfriend" even into their twenties. After that, most folks use 
"significant other", "better half" or something rather wishy-washy like "a very 
important person". These terms are all for use with someone you are not married 
to; after marriage, terms like "spouse", "husband/wife", and "the old 
ball-and-chain" are more common.

>ps. I'm off out to buy some plywood and implement Brent Jones' idea. I bow
>to your superior knowledge on these matters, sir.

Superior knowledge my, er, foot. Having worn armor made out of cardboard, heavy 
fabric and steel, I prefer the steel. However, it can be prohibitively 
expensive for a one time experiment of this nature, so I thought I would 
suggest the rather inexpensive plywood as an alternative. If you have a better 
choice available to you, feel free to use it.

Hmpf. "Superior knowledge" indeed!

Brent : )

PS Did that sound stodgy enough? I'm practicing!