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Re: [saola]; pneumatic bones

> David Marjanovic wrote-
> > > the saola,
> >
> > What's this?
> A recently discovered bovine from Vietnam.  See
> http://www.ultimateungulate.com/saola.html for more information.
> Mickey Mortimer

Just forgot it is now mostly called saola, it has had such a variety of
names since its discovery (Vu Quang oryx...)

BTW, as I'm reading Supplement 1 of Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia and various
SVP meeting abstracts, it turns out that my argument that oviraptorosaurs
and birds share pneumatic sacral and caudal vertebrae suffers from a few
complications -- carcharodontosaurids/-ines have pneumatic tails, too, as
allegedly do tyrannosaurs, and *Archaeopteryx* has a small pneumatic opening
in the pubis. The Supplement 1 article on *Nedcolbertia* also implies that
ornithomimosaurs, troodontids and tyrannosaurs have some special type of
vertebral pneumaticity; can someone enlighten me on this?

Thanks in advance :-)