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Re: [saola]; pneumatic bones

I just wrote...

> BTW, as I'm reading Supplement 1 of Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia and
> SVP meeting abstracts, it turns out that [...] *Archaeopteryx* has a small
pneumatic opening
> in the pubis.

I had forgotten that the paper on this,

Christiansen, P. and Bonde, N. 2000. Axial and appendicular
pneumaticity in _Archaeopteryx_. _Proceedings of the Royal Society
of London, Biological Sciences_ 267: 2501-2505,

has been cited and summarized onlist less than a month ago
(http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/2001Feb/msg00082.html by HP Darren
Naish). (Congratulations to the programmer of the search function on the
archives main page! It works excellently!!!) Only now I have had the
opportunity to take a copy of it. I wouldn't have thought what the
university libraries here have... (and how much money I'd spend there...)