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Re: Anky-mobility

> > > > Has anyone considered the similar problems that Ankylosaurids or
> > > > Nodosaurids would have mating?
>    I always find questions of this sort (as well as those concerning
> sauropod "problems with getting blood to the head," etc.) are badly
> misphrased.  Clearly, ankylosaurs and nodosaurs did _not_ have any sort of
> problem mating, given that they persisted as clades for several millions
> years.  It is _we_humans_ who have problems _imagining_ how they did so.

I disagree. These *are* problems. They are things which have to be worked
out, and that's all the word means. They had to be worked out first by
nature and now by us.

All nature deals with problems and how evolution has solved them. I'm sure
that mating in a suit of armour _is_ a problem, but their success as a
species shows how effectively they solved it. We too are seeking that

I have "problems" with my installation of Windows but it still works fine
and I use it all day, every darn day.

Its all semantics anyway. It you really want to be picky, they should be
referred to as "conundrums".


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