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Re: well-lit dimosaurs

Thomas R., Jr, said (referring to my earlier posting):

"I think this is deducing way too far!  The T. rex reference is in a
relatively artistic sentence ("...better display of Northern & Southern
Lights...") rather than in any direct quotation by the researchers. I
strongly suspect that the name "T. rex" was used because it is the best
known Cretaceous dinosaur: unfortunately, it is a LATEST Cretaceous

    I was not deducing anything.  I said, "deductively", referring to what
it might lead someone to deduce (and surely you would agree it might).

    Direct quotation of the authors or not, Tom, to be specific, the
beginning of the referenced sentence reads, "Researchers say that besides
possibly giving T. rex a better display of the Northern and Southern

    One is justified, therefore, to ask, "WHAT researchers say
that (and where)?"  I feel reasonably certain that the authors of the
article in Science
would have said nothing of the sort. Isn't the BBC writer putting some
inaccurate words
into researchers' mouths?

    Would you, Tom, like him handling something about a
scientific writing of yours in a way that says something you didn't intend,
however well-intended or "artistic" the mis-implication?  Actually, I don't
see anything artistic about it, whatsoever. It seems to me to be just plain
indiscretion shoveled out to the public by an author who seems to regard his
public as rather ignorant.   And not only does the BBC article
have either T. rex or the stronger magnetic field in the wrong time slot (as
you acknowledge), to get real picky about it, I would question whether a
northern hemisphere dinosaur like T. rex would be able to have a display of
the aurora australis. :)

    Tom, this is the first time I've noticed seeming acceptance (or
semi-acceptance) by you of rather misleading 'artistic license' in the
reporting of scientific papers.  Huuummm...are you, like fine wine,
mellowing with age, or...?

    Whatever, thanks for the additional information your latest posting on
this subject has provided.

    Ray Stanford

"You know my method. It is founded upon the observance of trifles." --
Sherlock Holmes, The Boscombe Valley Mystery