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Re: well-lit dimosaurs

    Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. responding to my latest post (Quoted in part,

 "Sure it [the T. rex statement in BBC's on-line article] stinks, but only a
little stink; not the horrendous stench you might
find in some other alleged "science" reports.

    To that, I'll say, "Amen!  Preach on, brother!"

    Admittedly, BBC generally does a better job on such matters, than most,
if not, in fact, all other networks, IMHO.

    However, I still have trouble forgiving them for the retro-reticulating
dinosaur in WWD, though.  :)

    Come to think of it, Tom, do you (or anyone else on list) have some idea
of how the heck the BBC producers came up with a dinosaur producing mammal
type urine and, furthermore, squirting it backward like some
territory-marking tiger (or rhinoceros, for that matter)?  It is hard to
imagine how that got into the production.  (Or, has this been covered on
list, much earlier?)

    May everyone have a fine weekend.

    Ray Stanford