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Re: Martian fossils (Martiobiota)

I think the most proper is -Bionta = bios "living" + ont- "being"
So, Geobionta "Earthly living beings"; Martiobionta "Martian living beings".
How about using the Greek name for Mars, Ares - "Areobionta" ?

Joao SL
Rio de Janeiro

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Subject: Re: Martian fossils (Martiobiota)

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> Subject: Martian fossils (Martiobiota)
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> > Dear All,
> > Additional evidence has been published showing that Martian microbial
> > life did exist on Mars long ago (who knows, they may still exist in its
> > nooks and crannies).
> > Although none of these fossils has been given a genus or species name
> > (understandably), they can be classified in Cosmogenre Martiobiota (a
> > which I proposed in 1996 in Journal of MetaBioSystematics).
> >     However, there is no reason to assume that they are genetically
> related
> > to Earth life (Cosmogenre Geobiota), their magnetotatic similarities
> > most likely convergent.  But I'm sure the "panspermia" believers will
> think
> > otherwise.  So it goes.  There is a link below for those interested in
> > extraterrestrial fossils.
> > ----Ken Kinman
> > http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2001/ast28feb_1.htm
> Magnetosomes are great evidence for life, I'd say, but not evidence
> contamination from Earth...
> Anyway, though panspermia is too much to buy for me, it is very plausible
> that Earth and Mars exchanged lots of rocks during heavy bombardment
> so IMHO there is "reason to assume that they are genetically related to
> Earth life" if THEY exist(ed).
> Same problem here as with dinosaurs -- the old sayer "give me more
> fossils!!!".
> BTW, does anyone here know enough classical Greek to be able to tell me
> whether it should be -biota or -bionta?
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