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Re: "Giganotosaurus argentine"

On Fri, 02 Mar 2001 13:49:13  
 Jordan Mallon wrote:
>Hello all,
>There is a rumor going on around one of the message boards that I frequent 
>saying that the new giant carcharodontosaurine specimens from Argentina will 
>be called "Giganotosaurus argentine".  Has anyone else heard of this?
>The guy who posted the news claims to have read it in a little snippet from 
>a magazine called "The Modern Digger" (or something to that effect, he 

Watch this report turn out to be right...but, in a conversation with Don 
Lessem, I was told that the name of this new dinosaur would not be released at 
all (under no circumstances) until the paper was published (likely sometime 
later this year).  I doubt that Currie or Coria, or any of the team members, 
would tell this magazine.  However, it seems the media knows everything these 


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