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Re: Postosuchus urine (was RE: well-lit dimosaurs)

> > From: Ray Stanford [mailto:dinotracker@earthlink.net]
> >     Come to think of it, Tom, do you (or anyone else on list)
> > have some idea
> > of how the heck the BBC producers came up with a dinosaur producing
> > type urine and, furthermore, squirting it backward like some
> > territory-marking tiger (or rhinoceros, for that matter)?

Perhaps there's more to it than first appears. Crocs will often produce
"mammal-like" urine, without any visible urates or other solids, especially
those in more freshwater areas. Urine accumulates in the urodeum,
immediately prior to the cloaca, and can be voided in one large squirt
(juveniles do this frequently if you pick them up). You don't normally see
it in crocs because they're either in water, their vents are close to (or
on!) the ground when they urinate, and it's not necessarily the kind of
thing you want to be caught studying. Anyway, the postosuchus behaviour
shown wasn't a million miles away from this.

Adam Britton