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Re:(off topic) Martian fossils (Martiobiota)

At 8:16 PM -0600 3/2/01, Tim Williams wrote:
Ken Kinman wrote:

I also prefer the spelling Protista rather than "Protoctista"
(thank goodness the latter name hasn't caught on).

I hope the term ?Protista? will soon disappear from usage as well.


May you soon meet a slavering Sarcodinian someday! Foraminifera RULE!
The term "Proctista" makes me think of males all going off to the physician for an examination. I'll stick to the word "Protists", thank you very much. I'm such a rebel.

Those single-celled blobs and creepy-crawlies

Amoeba with talent. Foraminifera. What other single celled organism can you name that can create so many versions of a multilocular test? Out of seawater no less.

which _Homo sapiens_ have traditionally lumped together as the ?Protista?

How many forams have you picked in one afternoon? They come in handy, I tell you. Now, the diatoms - silly little siliceous clay sized sed particles (BLECH). What are they good for, besides keeping your aquarium water clean? (I know, I know, they ar good for a lot of things)

represent more than 95% of the diversity of eukaryotic life.

I'm telling you, the Sarcodina will take over the earth......

And they're just the ones we know about. The mind boggles thinking about how many gut-infesting, fecal-ingesting, blood-infecting little "protists" might have gone extinct with the dinosaurs.

My goodness, another bad science fiction film plot has been borne! ;^)

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