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Dinofest 2002/ Symposium Question

Does anybody know where the 2002 Dinofest is planned for? Is there a plan for one?

On a distantly related note, I was wondering what was involved in running a symposium. With all of the great ones being so far away from me, I started thinking about how to bring one to my locality. This is all hypothetical, but it might be a good way for anybody interested who has never been a part of on to find out some info.

So my questions:

1. What attracts possible presenters to a symposium? Is it the area that the presentation will take place? Is it how nicely they are asked? Is it money? Which leads to the next question:

2. How much is a presenter paid (roughly, I am trying not to pry)? Are they expecting accommodations in the place of the presentations?

3. Is there an expectation of having a publication produced resulting from talks at the symposium?

4.      Who normally runs and organizes these?

5.      Do they work better if they coincide with a major display at a local 

6. Finally, what makes a successful symposium? Is it better to get differing opinions? Is it better to stick to a narrow topic?

Thanks in advance for all answers.

Darryl Jones <dinoguy@sympatico.ca>

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