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Re: I need some advice...

I'm not a trained paleontologist, so not sure how helpful my advice will be. But for what it's worth, I would think Vertebrate Zoology would be more valuable than the Evolution course, especially considering your interests in Anthropology and dinosaurs. If you skip the Evolution course, would you have enough time for Vertebrate Zoology plus the internship?
That's my two cents worth, Ken
From: "Natasha Ramsey" <dinobabe@wtfba.hispeed.com>
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Subject: I need some advice...
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2001 12:01:08 -0600

Here is my delima...
I have two semesters left in undergrad (Geology) and a limited amount of space for classes. I would like to think I could double major in Anthropology but I also know I need some Biol classes for a Masters degree in Paleontology/Paleobiology.
This is what I need to know:
1) Which is more important two semesters of internship (3 hours credit each) at the Pink Palace Museum handling invert. and marine reptile fossils or two semesters of Biol classes (Vert. Zoology + lab and Evolution lecture)?
2) Which Biol class is more important Vertebrate Zoology + lab (4 hrs) or Evolution (3 hrs)?
3) Does a double major (Geology and Anthropology) sound like a good idea?
4) Or do you think I should add an extra semester to get in ALL of these classes (my plan was to graduate spring 2002)?
5) Anything I forgot?

I would like to teach or work in a museum and so I'm trying to take classes that will help me (actually I want to work in the field, but who doesn't! ).

Any advice would be trully appreciated.  Thank you.

Natasha Ramsey
Student of Geological Sciences
University of Memphis

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