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Re: Tenontosaurus with Head

I just heard from Rich and his gang that the specimen is still in plaster. 
Hopefully in a couple of weeks more will be visible; because that's when I am 
due to visit OMNH for a week to finish up our microvert project. 

I have already arranged to see it. So if there are any special requests that 
you'd like me to inquire of OMNH and/or photos,  please let me know. 
So long as they (at OMNH) have no problems with my doing this of course!

Also, the museum itself has been open since May and I am looking forward to 
see it! I'll try to get some shots for the DML website!

It sure would be nice to see a tenonto with a head! In both Oklahoma and 
Montana, all we usually find are a few verts, teeth and limb bones. The year 
before I made my first pilgrimage to the Cloverly, one of Rich's grad 
students found a nearly complete Tentonto (AKA "Tonto"). Unfortunately it too 
was headless.



Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies