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Re: "Giganotosaurus argentine"

Steve wrote:

>>I don't like the fact that some scientists go to the media with their
discoveries before the paper is published.  I'm all for popular accounts of
the fossils in the media, as these accounts often spread the science and the
importance of the particular discovery to the public in a way that is easy to
understand.  However, the paper should come first.<<

Careless reporting of facts aside, it's not necessarily harmful for
newspapers, magazines, etc. to report scientific discoveries, including
paleontological discoveries, prior to their discussion in scientific
publications. My only complaint has been the occassional announcement of a
name, prior to publication, creating taxonomic problems.

>>More times than not, the paleontologist or scientist goes to the media with
his or her discovery, hoping to gain attention and sometimes get money.  Most
scientists are good about not doing this, but some are not.  That is my
concern, and that is what I am meaning when I write these passages. <<

Gaining attention and raising money often allows a discovery to be made in
the first place and may insure that the paleontologist is able to continue
his or her work. Don't discount the importance of *responsible* publicity.

Caitlin R. Kiernan