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Re: Postosuchus urine

On tonights airing of  "To Serve and Protect" on Fox, I watched a segment
wherein a 6 foot Alligator was subdued in a residential backyard (probably
in Florida).  Once the gator's mouth had been suitably "duct taped" shut,
one of the law inforcement individuals lifted the animal up in order to
transport it off the property, only to have it expel the contents of it's
excretory system out through the cloaca in what might be termed two
"outbursts".  The first round soaked his captor's right arm while the
subsquent "volley" shot out sideways ( the animal was being carried on it's
side ) to a distance of at least 18 - 24 inches.  The content appeared to be
for the most part clear fluid, and although the volume of ejecta would not
be the equivalent to the outpouring viewed in the WWD Postosuchus segment
(even allowing for the size differential in both reptiles represented), it
still was interesting  in terms of visualizing how large extinct archosaurs
may have voided their systems.  As Adam Britton pointed out in an earlier
post perhaps the Postosuchus segment isn't as far removed from reality as
many might think.


Mike Skrepnick