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Re: Postosuchus urine

From: "Michael Skrepnick" <palaeopaint@cadvision.com>
Sent: Sunday, March 04, 2001 12:11 PM

> The first round soaked his captor's right arm while the
> subsquent "volley" shot out sideways ( the animal was being carried on
> side ) to a distance of at least 18 - 24 inches.

This is a standard croc "last resort" defence tactic (see also: turtles). My
appreciation for the capabilities of the crocodilian urogenital system
increased significantly about three years ago when we captured an adult
female saltwater crocodile with a snout rope. The crocodile spun several
times, ending up on her back, and then ejected what appeared to be a
metre-long stream (maybe 300 to 400 ml) of urine over her tail and soaked a
colleague standing perhaps 3 metres behind her.

Adam Britton