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Re: Spinosaurus hand position

From: "Gavin Rymill" <gavin@gavinrymill.com>

Has anyone else noticed that the Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park 3 has its hands in the "playing the piano" position which I was told was wrong?

Isn't Jack Horner the scientific adviser on the film? Doesn't he subscribe to this posture theory??

Yup. He also said _Spinosaurus_ approached 60 feet in length. Here's a bit about what he had to say regarding the new _Spinosaurus_ in JP3 (taken from an interview at the CanalPlus website):

"The new spinosaurus is very accurate.. it was found in North Africa, actually by the Germans but was destroyed during the war. Later a skeleton was discovered by the French. A big carnivore, bigger than the t-rex: the biggest skull of the t-rex was about 1 meter and half long -- the largest spinosaurus we know of has an 8 foot skull.. it was the biggest meat-eating dinosaur that walked on land."
[About the idea behind JP] "Jurassic Park is fiction.. DNA doesn't last that long, and even if you could clone the dinosaur, we don't have anything good for the plant eaters to eat. The general public, however, doesn't know that."

Do you professionals get paid to say that stuff? :P

-Jordan Mallon


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