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Re: pneumatic bones

David Marjanovic wrote-

> > Two obvious ways to
> > cast doubt on the theory would be to show basal members of either group
> > lacked the character, or show it was present in a competing sister group
> to
> > pygostylians as well.
> Is there any such evidence?

Yes.  Remember, basal oviraptorosaurs (Caudipteryx, Microvenator) lack
caudal pleurocoels.  I don't know of any reports of pneumatic caudals in
non-neornithine birds.  Remember Achillobator has caudal pleurocoels as

> Pneumaticity in all dorsals also occurs in *Torvosaurus* and *Sinraptor*,
> remember to have read (probably in the same abstract as above :-( ),
> *Allosaurus* has only 4 pneumatic dorsals (I don't know whether they were
> speaking of any pneumatic features or only of true pleurocoels).

Straight from my "Details on Fukuiraptor" research........
Taxa are listed with how many pairs of dorsal pleurocoels they have:
Dilophosaurus (0), Ceratosaurus magnicornis (0), Ceratosaurus dentisulcatus
(6-7), Abelisauridae (11, all), Torvosaurus (13, all), Spinosauridae (5),
Monolophosaurus (4-5), Piatnitzkysaurus (3), Sinraptor (4), Yangchuanosaurus
(2?), "Szechuanosaurus campi" (0), Acrocanthosaurus (11(+?), all?),
Giganotosaurus (~8(+?)), Neovenator (13, all), Allosaurus (3), Compsognathus
(0), Tyrannosauridae (13?, all), Ornithomimidae (0), Microvenator (all?),
Oviraptoridae (12, all), Alvarezsauridae (0), Avimimus (0), Troodontidae
(0), Dromaeosauridae (12, all in Deinonychus, Bambiraptor, Unenlagia?; <7 in

Mickey Mortimer