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Re: pneumatic bones

David Marjanovic wrote-

> There is a nice entry for *Bagaraatan*. HP Mickey Mortimer wrote some
> ago "told you it's interesting!"; indeed it is. Are there any other
> with that extra bone, the antarticular? Any with caudal centra that are
> hollow and thin-walled, but not pneumatic? Any with such a small angular
> big surangular? The unusual proximal rigidity of the tail is considered an
> adaptation for speed, but do ornithomimosaurs have something comparable?
>         Glut puts it into "?Avetheropoda _incertae sedis_", I don't have
> better idea. Mantra time -- give me more fossils!!!

Allosaurus also has an antarticular.  Where known, theropods seem to have
had hollow caudal centra.  Examples include Ceratosaurus, Allosaurus,
Coelurus and ornithomimids.  Oviraptorids have an even smaller angular.  I
would place Bagaraatan as a non-eumaniraptoran maniraptoran.

Mickey Mortimer