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Re: Spinosaur

Gavin Rymill wrote-
Could someone please tell me about the newest Spinosaurus finds which, from what I've heard, were made by a French expedition.
Perhaps Taquet and Russell (1998).  They referred some new remains from Algeria to Spinosaurus morocannus, a species established earlier by Russell (1996).
(MNHN SAM 124) (adult) (skull 2.2 m) partial premaxillae, partial maxillae, vomers, dentary fragment(MNHN SAM 125) premaxillary fragment
(MNHN SAM 126) cervical centrum
(MNHN SAM 127) cervical centrum
(MNHN SAM 128) dorsal neural arch
Taquet, Ph and Russell, D A. 1998. New data on spinosaurid dinosaurs from the Early Cretaceous of the Sahara. C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Sciences de la terre et des planetes 327:347-353.
I'd also appreciate any information on the skeleton that was destroyed in WW2. How much material was there?
holotype- (IPHG 1912 VIII 19, destroyed) maxillary fragment, dentaries, splenials, angular, teeth, two incomplete cervical vertebrae, seven dorsal vertebrae, dorsal ribs, gastralia, three sacral vertebrae, caudal vertebra
See the original article translated from German at Polyglot.
Mickey Mortimer