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RE: Spinosaurus hand position

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Subject: Spinosaurus hand position
>Has anyone else noticed that the Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park 3 has its hands in the "playing the piano" position which I
>was told was wrong?
>Isn't Jack Horner the scientific adviser on the film? Doesn't he subscribe to this posture theory??
>Any thoughts?
Please remember: Jurassic Park is a movie.  Horner is an advisor; he is not the Director.  Directors and producers are free to ignore each and every piece of advice they are given.
Furthermore, Jack Horner's area of expertise is hadrosaurs.  Although he knows more about theropods then basically anyone else involved in the production, they are not his research speciality.
Similarly, when reading ANY press releases related to the JP series, take any scientific assertion with a major chunk of halite (i.e., a big grain of salt...).

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