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Re:Spinosaurus hand position

>Has anyone else noticed that the Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park 3 has its hands in the "playing the piano" position which I
>was told was wrong?
>Isn't Jack Horner the scientific adviser on the film? Doesn't he subscribe to this posture theory??
>Any thoughts?
Hi all,
Also take into count older skeletal reconstructions depict Spinosaurus eagyptiacus in this way. I'm pretty sure the designer of the animal (Crash McCreey, formally of Stan Winston's and good friend) used some of these reconstructions to help flesh out his animal in the designing stage. There's not a whole lot on current spinosaur skeletal reconstructions out there at the time he was designing the animal. So you know, it's only entertainment.
And in a little shameless self promotion; I've recently finished a graphite rendering of Spinosaurus eagyptiacus if any one would like to check it out and email me any responses. You can find it on my website at:
It might be appearing in a Discovery Channel special later in the year.
Todd Marshall