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Attention Paleolife Artists

    I thought I'd put this on the list since so many list members are 
effected or know an artist who's effected. There is an internet pirate in 
Thailand who has ripped-off a number of websites of images of dinosaurs and 
other prehistoric animals. Artists are not credited and copyright is being 
claimed by the owner. A LOT of you are here. I give the page for 
Tyrannosaurus, but there are a number of other categories listed--you'll find 
me on the mosasaur page. I SHOULD be paid quite a bit for this. Remember our 
little copyright discussion?
    I don't know what can be done about this (probably not much), but I 
wanted to put out this alert so you'll know why your artwork starts popping 
up elsewhere. Here's the url: 
    Dan Varner