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Re: Attention Paleolife Artists

"I thought I'd put this on the list since so many list members are 
effected or know an artist who's effected. <snip>
I don't know what can be done about this (probably not much), but I 
wanted to put out this alert so you'll know why your artwork starts popping 
up elsewhere..."

I'd advise sending a polite email to the site owner making it clear that the 
artists involved:

a) Know about the site..
b) Are unhappy that their work is uncredited & is being appropriated without 
their permission..
c) Are prepared to contact the people hosting the site to complain if the 
situation isn't rectified...

However, if the owner is running the site off his own server/s, there isn't a 
great deal - short of legal action - you can do to force the owner to credit 
the respective artists, or to remove the offending images.

You might want to ask the artists involved to mention the theft of their 
property on their own sites, if only to warn people off the site & to flag 
the issue for a wider audience.

Hope this helps & good luck with sorting this out :-)