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_Proornis_ Again

Hi All -

At the prompting of Fred Ruhe, I've managed to lay my hands on a copy of _Geology of Korea_ (1996 ed.), which, as cited by Lee et al. (recent ish of P^3), contains info on the "Korean _Archaeopteryx_," so called _Proornis coreae_ in this paper. There's also a mention of the fossil frog (also mentioned on this list, something like 6 years ago), listed as _Duplicoelus coreanus_. Both are attributed to "Lim," but no citation is given for the formal publication of either name, and no description (proper or otherwise) is given in this volume. (There is a small but nice color plate of "Proornis," though.) Since the entirety of the info is a single sentence, I don't think a quote would count as copyright violation here...

"In 1993 year, the Great Leader Kim Il Sung ordered to call the bird fossils and frog fossils discovered in the third bed of the Sinuiju Series (these fossils are well preserved), the founder birds of Korea (_Proornis coreae Lim) and the founder frog of Korea (_Duplicoelus coreanus_ Lim), respectively.

The section in which this quote is located, about the Sinuiju Series, notes a nice invert and plant biota with these; the taxa are largely shared with those from the Yixian and Jiufotang, which are located just over the DPRK/China border from the locality of the Korean specimens (as I understand it), so thinking that these fossils are part of the same "Jehol" biota has some support.

Interestingly the book is a _North_ Korean book (I thought it was South Korean, given that so little gets out of the DPRK...but if I'd read Lee et al. a bit closer, I'd've noticed that the publication city if Pyongyang!), but it's in English (the publisher is "Foreign Languages Books Publishing House"). I am _not_ certain where Lee et al. get the "Paek and Kim" origin of the name, although the authors of the Mesozoic chapter in this book are Pak and Kim. Still, the names were apparently given by "Lim," although those publications are still enshrouded in mystery...

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