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Re: Only One Triceratops Species??

If Dodson says it, believe it. Note that he includes a dozen pages of
literature citations, and he fully credits other workers in the field of
*ceratopian* systematics . . . even if he insists upon the spelling

-= Tuck =-

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Subject: Only One Triceratops Species??

> Hey,
> In his book The Horned Dinosaurs, Peter Dodson makes a case for one,
single species of Triceratops: T. horridus.  He writes that the 10-16 other
species that have been named are nothing more than juveniles or different
sexes of T. horridus.
> My question is this: how much scientific weight does this hold?  Have any
papers been published on this?  Refs?  I would love to hear the opinions of
list members.
> Happy Pulaski Day,
> Steve
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